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1) .NL domain registration

.NL Domain Registration

2) Local Webhosting

Local Webhosting

3) Websites


4) Web Content / Editing

Web Content / Editing

5) SEO / Website Marketing

SEO / Website Marketing

6) .NL Domain Lease and Rental

.NL Domain Lease and Rental

7) .Trademark Registration


Tinky Winky Ltd

Introduction: Welcome to the website of Tinky Winky Ltd. Tinky Winky is your local and international partner in the Dutch internet market. Tinky Winky is specialized in .NL domain registration, webhosting, building and maintaining your Dutch websites, advise in or doing your Dutch internet marketing and is the owner of hundreds of toplevel .NL domains for lease or rental purposes. Are you looking for a partner in your new of existing internet business focused on the Dutch market? Then Tinky Winky is the company to speak to.

Tinky Winky has over 5 years of experience in the Dutch internet market and is one of the best and most established internet companies for all your Dutch internet business. Tinky Winky is based in Ireland and the company's focus is the Dutch market, but we also offer similar services to our Irish based customers. Please read more about our services in the "Client Services" section.

Client Services:

1) .NL domain registration: Tinky Winky Ltd is a licensed partner of SIDN, the Dutch domain name registry. We register .NL domains for our clients against the lowest possible price and we maintain all the administration related to these domains. .NL domain names are registered within 1 business day and direct available on the world wide web.

2) Local Webhosting: Tinky Winky provides her clients with the best possible local hosting. All our servers are based on Linux and our hosting packages are hosted on the latest " state of the art" servers and are in a 99.99% uptime datacenter. We offer full managed shared hosting, VPS servers, dedicated servers and even full rack services to our clients.

3) Websites: Tinky Winky offers full website development services. Our developers can build your idea to a brand new " high standard" website. Our developers have experience with Wordpress, Dreamweaver, Joomla, Drupal and many other programs to build or develop your website to the best in the business. Not only do we build new websites but we can also cover our clients design or rebuild and existing website.

4) Web Content / Editing: Tinky Winky offers full content supply for websites, we have in-house content writers, editors and CMS systems to maintain this content. Our people can write the full content for your website in Dutch or English or proofread the content for our clients. Another option is to re-write the costumers content or change the content to high SEO standards.

5) SEO / Website Marketing: Tinky Winky Ltd has a team of 2 full-time SEO specialists that work together with the other departments within Tinky Winky. This way Tinky Winky can offer a full SEO package which covers all your SEO needs. The SEO specialists not only work on websites which are developed by our company, they also take tasks from various clients to get better rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

6) .NL Domain Lease and Rental: Tinky Winky has hunderds of toplevel .NL domain names that are under a Lease or Rental contract with third parties. We offer our new and existing clients the opportunity to have a look at our list of .NL toplevel domains and we can agree on a 1, 2, 3 or 5 year lease or rental contract to use these domains for commercial purposes. Tinky Winky keeps searching actively and purchases regularly toplevel domains for the Dutch internet market.

7) Trademark Registration Dutch and International Market: Tinky Winky is able to register you International, European or Dutch Trademark against the lowest possible price. We can register a Word, Logo or combination trademark within a few months and protect all the rights of your company and company name within the selected area of your choice.

Intrested in our services?

Are you interested after reading about our services or interested in one or more of our services? Feel free to contact us and discuss the opportunities and advantages Tinky Winky can bring to your company. Use our contact page for our contact details and we will answer all communication within 24 hours. We are also open to discuss business offers which are not in our list of services and try to add new services on a regular base. Feel free to drop us an e-mail with all you suggestions or ideas.

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